Who We Are

Roly Stevenson Marketing is an exclusive Performance Marketing Ad Agency.  We believe the agency model of the past should be put out to pasture and retired.  We are a RESULTS driven agency.

You don’t pay us a retainer.  You don’t pay us to advertise, or build the brand.  You only pay us for results – qualified leads, sales, email list signups, or whatever tangible, profitable, real-world goal you have in mind for your business.

Lead Generation Specialists

We excel in Lead generation.  Some of our past clients have included 8 and 9 figure Solar companies, debt consolidation companies, addiction treatment companies, and credit repair specialists.  We have provided real-time, quality, targeted leads for all of these industries.  And we can do the same for you!

Leads to contact later or live phone calls right now?

Whether you have a fully staffed call center to take live calls, or you want to reach out to leads on your schedule, we’ve got you covered!  We can run advertising campaigns that deliver you LIVE calls in real time.  Or we can deliver potential customers’ contact info for you to contact on your schedule.

Some potential customers just don’t want to make a phone call and prefer to be reached by email.  Other more consultative industries are better suited to calls.  We can deliver either type of lead.  Or both!

Have a physical product to sell?  We can handle that too.

Flashlights, T-shirts, Pet Trackers, you name it!  If you have a product for sale, we can find the perfect audience and show them your product in ways that compel them not only to ‘add to cart’, but to buy!

Facebook and beyond! Your 1-stop social media advertising shop.

Most of our clients know the importance of advertising on Facebook.  The targeting capabilities of this platform are unprecedented.  It’s something advertisers of the past could only dream about!  But it’s not the only game in town.  We recommend it be the focus, and bulk of ad spend for most our clients.  But you should also advertise on other social channels, and not miss an opportunity for good return on investment.  We have experience running successful ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, just to name a few!

Beyond social advertising

Social is hot right now.  Your customers do spend a lot of time on social media.  But they also spend time all over the web.  We have existing relationships with the biggest native advertising networks.  Native ad networks run unobtrusive ads that seamlessly blend in with the existing web content on popular websites.

Because of these relationships, we can get your ads in front of eyes on Time.com, ESPN.com and other top-tier websites!  We recommend our clients start with social, but when you’re ready for even more reach, more leads, more sales, we can expand into these other channels.

ROI Focused.

Our clients typically aren’t interested in “building the brand” as an advertising goal in and of itself.  What they want are RESULTS.  Leads and sales.  We can track both, and optimize our efforts for this goal.

We are constantly working to improve results and increase your ROI.  The reason for this is simple.  We aren’t an employee, sitting around collecting a salary.  Our pricing model is based on a percentage of profitable ad-spend.  So the more money YOU make, the more money we make.  It sounds cliche, but when this happens, it really is a win-win!

Let’s Talk!

We have clients with ad budgets of $1,000 / month, and clients with budgets of $100,000 / month.  And we treat all of their advertising campaigns as if we are generating leads or sales for our own business!  If you’re ready to get started, shoot us an email, and let’s talk!